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King of Hearts - a eulogy


I would like to first extend my gratitude to all relatives and friends who have come today to honour such a remarkable man: my uncle, Kris, who was taken away from us far too soon. The amount of people who are here today to pay their respects is only a testimony to the lives he has personally touched.

Kris was born on April 12th 1964 in a small village in Mauritius; he was the youngest of four children.

Life was minimalist back in the day the family got by hand in hand to make ends meet. At the very young age of 4, Kris lost his father, leaving the 4 children and his Mum virtually destitute and struggling to get by. Kris was a very kind hearted boy and always helped his mum and siblings and together hand in hand with the love between them they persevered to survive such hard times. In years to follow, Kris’s brothers left Mauritius, with the intent to start a new life abroad to ensure the family’s stability in Mauritius. Kris was left in Mauritius with his sister and mum and continued to support them in every way possible. In his young years he was reluctant to go to school and his sister had to bully him into it! It was soon evident that Kris had talent and his intellect allowed him to help the elders in his village with paperwork and errands.

Kris’s very first job in Mauritius at the age of 17 in a Hotel as a waiter, however he did not do this for long. Despite Kris having such a unique bond with his mum, he wanted to make a difference, a contribution. He expressed somewhat dismay to his brothers that he was left in Mauritius without them; which prompted his eldest brother to bring their youngest sibling to the UK.

Arrived in UK-

Kris arrived in the UK in September 1985 and was soon enrolled in Nursing at Barnsley following the footsteps of his elder brothers. He was a hard worker and also knew how to party hard too! Whilst the three brothers made their mark in the UK they stood together side by side and “get togethers” in Retford were regular.

Kris moved to London and it was in London his hard work and determination allowed his career to soar. His first job in London was in a Roti Shop making dhal puri (like a chapatti) and as a result he always stated his chapattis were better than anybody’s in the country! Kris worked as a Nurse in London and soon climbed his way up the ladder. He reached Charge Nurse position at St Georges Hospital in London.

Whilst working at Royal London Hospital as a Charge Nurse in 1990 he met Trish his later, wife to be. Together they worked in London and started a life together as a couple. Kris bought his first house in 1990 this was a great achievement for Kris and he took great pride in being a homeowner as did his family.

Kris’s sense of family values never lessened, his nephew Ramah came to the UK in 1992 and Kris and Trish welcomed him into his home. He already started his role as a father figure at this point and provided not only a shelter, but guidance and support to enable him to secure a career and future.

No matter what Kris pursued, he still found time to be with family-- togetherness and being united as a family was very important to him and he would make frequent journeys from London to Retford where the family would continue with their “get together’s” Kris had an inherent love for music. The three brothers and family circle were renowned for the famous KAJLI band, and whether the audience liked it or not, they played!!

In June 1993, Kris and Trish exchanged their vows as they got married in Retford amongst all the immediate family and the dynamic duo embarked on their next stage of life together.

Kris did not stop here. Despite completing his Nursing degree and working as a Charge Nurse, he always had a desire to continue learning and excelling, so he embarked on a Masters in Business Administration. His focus and determination paid off and Kris achieved his MBA whilst in London in 1996. Achieving his MBA was one of Kris’s many visions in which he triumphed.

In 1996 Kris considered it the greatest privilege to relocate to Retford to manage Cherry Holt his eldest brothers new purpose built care home. This was a new challenge for Kris, which he took on with zeal, putting all his heart into everything he did.

One would think one wedding was enough? In June 1996 Kris got married again (to the same woman!!) in Mauritius where this time they had a traditional Mauritian wedding.

In 1998 Kris and Trish welcomed Jaishri, Trish’s youngest sister into their home and soon took parental responsibility. Trish’s sisters, Cindy and Jaishri and her brother Danny were full of admiration for Kris for the way he always cared for all family members and everyone was always welcome as one family.

Whilst still in Retford, In April 1999 Kris was blessed with a wonderful surprise: the birth of his first daughter Roshni; the meaning of the name Roshni being light, and Roshni was truly the light of his life. Despite Kris losing his own father at age 4, Kris took on the duty of fatherhood with infinite pride and joy.

Kris made a brave decision and in Year 2000 he left Retford to start his own business in Mansfield where he and Trish opened their first Care Home--Bank House. Whilst managing his own business Kris also worked as a lecturer for nursing students at West Notts College in addition to having his own training business NKS Training. His passion for learning and inspiring others to reach their full potential was realised.

Kris welcomed his nephew Marvin from Mauritius in 2002, he became a father figure to his nephew and guided him through his studies to become a Nurse today.

Kris’s strong principles, excessive hard work and his sincere caring nature soon proved to excel him further and his business grew with the acquisition of Fernleaf Care Home in 2003.

Kris wanted Roshni to have what he had, the love of siblings and more light shone into his life, with the birth of his second daughter Shalini; born in October 2004 and the family was complete.

But did he stop here? No he didn’t! Bluebell Lodge opened in 2007 and the company Bank House Care Homes Ltd stood strong. Both Kris and Trish worked hand in hand and the businesses continued to be huge successes. In recent years Kris chose to amalgamate his businesses and Bank Care Homes Ltd finally consisted of Ashcroft Care Home acquired in 2011 followed by the purpose built Willowcroft in 2014.

Kris continued to manage his company the same way as he always knew- from his heart. The family moved into Garden Reach in December 2014, Kris found the house and fell in love with gardens and the fact the location of the house was ideal for his girls to go to Nottingham Girls High.

Regrettably Kris became ill in November 2016 and it was soon diagnosed on November 28th that Kris had secondary bone metastases. What the family was unaware of was his prognosis. Kris received a prognosis of 4-6 months but chose not to share this with us. This brave move he chose was to protect his two daughters, Trish and the entire family; that said he still had some hope that maybe he could possibly fight this. He fought with all his heart and not only had inner strength but gave his own family strength in return.

We suffer an enormous loss. Kris’s heart was abundant with love and couldn’t do enough for people. Despite his tremendous successes and achievements, at the heart of everything he completed was love and togetherness. It is with this love we will unite together and stand strong in his memory. He will never be forgotten and he will live on in the bonds we share.

Here are some words of thoughts from the family:

Trish- You left me beautiful memories

Your love is still my guide,

And though we cannot see you,

You are always at my side.........

I can no longer see you with my eyes, touch you with my hands, but I will feel you always in my heart forever....

Roshni and Shalini

My daddy alongside mummy made the perfect team

He radiated unconditional love and was our safe haven

He was sensitive to our every mood, as if he could read minds, and a hug from him could make any problem go away

He taught us the importance of being kind, patient, generous, grateful and especially during his last few months, BRAVE

Although we didn't have him for as long as we would have wished, he loved us enough to last not just this lifetime, but many lifetimes

He was and forever will be our sunshine

Rajen/Rocky –Kris’s eldest brother

You were only 4 when we lost our dad and it was then you became my son, I have watched you grow and take on responsibilities as a man, a husband and a father. You have always shown sincere love to all our family and as a father figure I could not be more proud of you. Our memories will be in my heart forever.

Ram/Darren, Kris’s brother

King of hearts he was born in body and mind

Invaluable is the love and happy memories he's left behind

Sweet as honey was his looks and smile

His 'girls' meant more than diamonds by a mile

Nothing but a legend he was and will forever remain

Alone he will never walk again

Kris’s Niece –Sham

From the age of 5 you have been in my life

And I have grown up watching you thrive

Our love for old music created our precious bond

The beat you played touched us like a magic wand

You called me Lata and I called you My Tycoon

Your love will shine on as bright as the Moon


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